Booking Terms and Conditions

Our Policies

Please read all our following policies carefully as we have put them in place to keep our home safe

and in beautiful condition for your comfort. Thank you 

We do on occasion need to update, amend or add to these as and when circumstances arise.

Smoking Policy

We are a strictly non-smoking establishment also the use of candles in the room is strictly prohibited.

The smoking area is in the middle of the Car Park.
There is a metal bucket by the slate seat by bay 10

Also we have a new Grey garden area “Mollys Garden”

There is a bench with a small incinerator next to it where you may 

Deposits, Balance & Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel

A deposit of £50 per room is required to secure all reservations, in the event of a cancellation the deposit is non-refundable.

The Balance of your stay is due 60 days before your arrival date.

If you do need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hopefully re-let your room for you. We will always endeavor to re-let rooms. If we can re-let your room for the entirety of your stay, any additional payment over your deposit will be refunded to you less booking fees if it is let through

If your room is part booked we will refund accordingly.

It is advisable for all guests to use Travel and Cancellation insurance to protect themselves in the event of cancellations occurring.


Late Arrivals Policy

Checking in time is between 4 & 6pm

Non Arrival by 7pm with no contact will be taken as a cancelled booking,

Our cancellation policy will then automatically apply.

If you do wish for a slightly later booking-in time this may be possible but is to be pre-arranged when you book

The booking-in time is to ensure that we are here when you arrive to welcome you in.

If you arrive outside these hours without prior notice this cannot be guaranteed.

If any unforseen circumstances e.g. traffic accidents causing severe delays, please ring to let us know.

Once you have arrived and you have your key you are welcome to come and go as you please.

We are a strictly non-smoking establishment also the use of candles in the rooms is strictly prohibited

Electronics Policy 

We supply a Hairdryer in each room for your use.

We ask that all electronics such as curling tongs, straighteners and hairdryers are turned off and unplugged after use and before leaving the room.

Washing & Ironing is prohibited in the rooms, if you require the use of the iron and ironing board please ask and it can be set up for you in the breakfast room after breakfast service.

No Perishable/Dairy Products are to be kept in the rooms

If you wish us to put something in our fridge for you please ask.

Please bear in mind we have limited fridge space.

We don’t mind the odd ice block for cool bags either

Tea & Coffee making facilities are in each room. These are for use in the rooms only and no items are to be removed or used elsewhere.


As the registered guest, you are financially responsible for any excessive and/or exceptional cleaning or in the event of any damage to towels, Furniture, carpets, etc.  We have Natural Travertine flooring in most of our bathrooms. Rooms 7 & 8 have porcelain tiles.              The use of oil based sprays and products which may come in contact with the floor are not permitted as it damages the stone and the natural non-slip properties of the Travertine. They also would make the porcelain tiles slippery and therefore dangerous, so this applies to all rooms.

Lost Keys

There will be a charge of £40 in the event that you are unable to surrender the keys to your room on departure. If upon your return home and within 2 days of your departure the keys are found, please ring us. Upon receipt of the keys within 1 week of your departure we will refund the charge.

Left Items

Please check the room carefully on departure to make sure you have not left anything behind

If you contact us and ask that we send the item(s) to you the charge will be the cost of postage and packing (Plus £10 if you require us to make an urgent trip to the post office for you) Items left of no particular monetary value and not requested will be donated to the local charity shop.


We have a number for an emergency doctor should you need one.

Please ring the doorbell and we will call them for you

If you are unwell then you need to go home and/or see a doctor

Please see our Cancellation Policy

Dog Policy

All Well behaved and friendly dogs will be welcomed to The Barn and Pinn Cottage.

1. Dogs are not permitted into the Main Building.

2. They must be on a lead at all times whilst on the property.

3. Dogs are not permitted on any furniture.

4. Muddy dogs are not allowed in the rooms. We have a hosepipe located in the middle of the car park. Towels for dogs are available. Cleaning them will be charged for.

5. Any damages/ Excessive cleaning/deodorising due to dog will be charged for.

6. If trustworthy then dogs can be left for a short time in the room while guests eat breakfast with us. If not then they must be left in owners car.

7. Dogs are not to be left in the room on their own at any other time.

8. We need to clean rooms and ask that they and yourselves are vacated by 10.30 daily to enable us to do this.

9. No fouling is permitted on the property. Our property begins at our sign opposite the Bowd inn

10. Doggy Poo bags may be put in the black bin located in car park behind room 7.

11. Any young dogs not 100% housetrained will need to be crated whilst in the room.

We have included some additional points in recent years due to incidents with guests. For example: Point 7, we had a guest leave his dog in the room and go out for the day with friends. We were unable to enter the room to clean as the dog would not let us in. The dog is on holiday too why bring it away then leave it?

If you have a dog which is happy to sleep in its bed while you come into the cottage to relax in the guest lounge for a while, not a problem. But if it is going to jump up on the bed and chew the furniture, then obviously we can’t have that. And we need to be able to get in and clean your room in the morning.

Point 9 the addition of the wees. A guest was allowing his dog to wee up the cottage walls in the courtyard!

Weddings – Each year we have some guests staying who are attending weddings. Most are lovely and we welcome them back. Unfortunately we have had some guests attending weddings whilst staying with us which necessitates this policy. We wish for you and us to enjoy your stay

This was created for those attending weddings but applies to all our guests.

No ironing is to be done in the rooms. If the use of an Iron and Ironing board is needed, this can be set up for you in the breakfast room after breakfast service.

We do ask that you vacate your room after breakfast so that we can freshen it and replenish the tea trays for you. It will only take about 15 mins per room. Cleaning usually begins at 10.30am.
You may request your room to be done first or last. You may wait in the grounds or the guest lounge while this is done. When your room has been cleaned for the day you are welcome to come and go as you please.

If a lie-in is preferable for you rather than breakfast then this is not a problem, but breakfast service does finish when I have taken the last order by 9am. Guests not appearing for breakfast will have their rooms done last, but when all other rooms have been serviced, you will need to vacate for a while so that your room can be done.

On your departure day Check out is by 10.30am

To maintain our high standards all rooms are checked following check out. The cardholder is deemed to be responsible for their actions and if booking for others then those of any of their party. We reserve the right to replace, with new, any missing, damaged or soiled items, any additional cleaning will be charged appropriately and may include any cost for loss of business. The cost of the replacement or cleaning will be charged against the card used to secure the room.

The Barn and Pinn Cottage is our home. We welcome guests and hope they will enjoy this peaceful location and beautiful area. If we feel that peaceful enjoyment would be jeopardised by another person or person’s actions or demeanour then we do, if necessary, reserve the right to refuse admission or terminate the letting period irrespective of bookings or monies paid.


Public Transport: The nearest Railway station is Honiton which is 10 miles away then Exeter which is 14. Taxis are available at the stations and also in Sidmouth town centre. There is a bus stop at the top of our garden with a regular bus service to Exeter‚ Sidmouth‚ Lyme Regis etc we have bus timetables in the guest room folders for their use.

There is a local shop which hires buggies and wheelchairs should our guests need them. Leaflet available on request.

All information‚ signing in forms‚ menus etc are in large clear print.

We have a light alarm clock available on request. (It lights up to wake you instead of the noise).

Telephones are not provided in the rooms.